Restore Unread Mail Folder of Microsoft Outlook

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Unread Mail folder is an Outlook default folder that quickly filters and store all unread emails to display them further. It is located under the search folder area and also shown as a favorite folder for user convenience.

Basically, "Search Folder" contains an Unread Email Folder, For Follow Up, Large Mail, Categorized mail folders as a sub-folder. But what if you mistakenly deleted the Unread Mail Folder after finding it useful anymore.

Don't worry, deleting a search folder does not really delete emails which have not read till yet. The emails are still available in their original folders. However, this folder provides a direct and simple approach to view unread emails.

There is a different path for different Outlook version to enable Unread Mail Folder.

Retrieve Back Unread Folder in Outlook 2003 & 2007

Search Folder in Outlook

Tip: New Search Folder dialog box also can open by pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+P".

Choose Unread mail option

Note: This process work for the restoring of default search folder, select folder in New Search Folder dialog box.

For Outlook 2010 & 2013 Follow the Below Steps:

Search Folder Outlook

choose Unread mail in Outlook

show in favorites

Unread mail folder

Now the "Unread Folder" appears in the "Favorites" section of MS Outlook.