Perform Restoration and Create Backup of Outlook Data

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In order to manage data, we implement certain types of methodologies in our daily life. Let's become a little Techy and put highlights on the tricks which we used to manage or backup data on a computer machine. And we would find that we do backup/archive of data by transferring it from one drive to another (external drive) and by using some cloud backup services on a regular basis so we could prevent our database from being corrupted or damaged. However, Microsoft Outlook has become a root source for today's email communication as it gives much more than email communication. Outlook works like other database system and save its data into a PST file. It means that bugs, errors and risk of data loss are similar for Outlook PST like other management system.

Creating a backup of Outlook emails rescues our data from corruption which usually occurs due to oversized PST file. It is also much better if an Outlook user does restoration of PST file's data constantly to avoid errors during sending/receiving of emails. Microsoft also endows some manual procedures or inbuilt functions within Outlook program through that backing up of PST file items is possible.

Three Ways to Archive Data in Outlook:

Personal Folders Backup Tool – Download Now & Begin the Backup Process

It's a kind of plug-in which is developed by Microsoft in order to make the procedure of backup more easier and simplifier. This plug-in has the capability to backup Outlook PST file automatically. A user have to define some values like day interval for each backup, specific PST file to create a backup and a location to save the archived data while using the Personal Folders Backup Tool.

Note: This plug-in is only developed for the environment of Outlook 2002, 2003 & 2007.

Export Outlook Data File

Another method to create a backup file is "Export Feature" which is an embedded feature in Microsoft Outlook. Although, this feature does not work like Personal Folders Backup Tool, but it is a much effective method to create a backup of Outlook items. This feature allows users several advanced options to perform the exportation of Outlook data items.

An Outlook user can export their data into multiple file types such as CSV, MS-Access, PST, etc. by using this feature. Filters, Authentication to select specific folder for the exportation are some highly advanced options which Export function contains.

Archiving or Auto-Archiving – A Convenient Method to Archive Outlook Emails

In simple terms, Archiving or Auto-Archiving creates another specific PST file to store older emails or data items which are enlarging the size of the Outlook Data file. Auto-Archiving is much advance form of Archiving in terms of features and gives extra privilege to Outlook users for performing Arhive function over data.

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