Why users Archive their Outlook Emails?

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In Microsoft Outlook "Archiving Outlook emails" is the best way to backup old and deleted items, like emails, messages, appointments, tasks, notes, journal entries and personal documents. Archiving email and compacting personal folders/file can significantly reduce the size of personal folders. As a result, the competence of searching emails is increased or valuable server space is freed. Microsoft Outlook indicates that messages alteration date determine the archive date of email. The most recent date, receive date or modified data is the data that is basically used to determines if the message is archived. Keeping Old items makes Outlook speed slower and finding objects can become increasingly difficult. This app is perfectly designed to keep mailbox items, for managing email components; you need another place to store or "Archive" old emails that are very crucial but not frequently used. Either implement a default archiving rules or generate a new one for the specific folder.

How to Create Archive Folders in Microsoft Outlook?

You get to decide -how and when Outlook archive items, to archive email items, you create a default set of archive rules that apply to all folders. If folder needs individual attention, you can establish some particular rules for that folder. Each folder can have its own set of archiving rules. The process of archiving is very helpful for any type of account- POP, IMAP, MAPI.

Negotiate following Steps to Manually Archive Folders:

Step 1: On the "Tools" menu, Select options tab


Step 2: On the other “Menu”, go to Auto archive button showing in your screen:


Step 3: In this step, you can view the path of archive folder like- C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\


Default Folder setting for Archiving

The archive.pst is a MS Outlook Data file, which works in association with the auto archive feature and contains mail that is older than a certain date. This folder of Outlook is also prone to corruption and to get the data back repair archive PST file, with the free Inbox Repair Tool.

And if in case free Microsoft's tool fails to repair Archive PST file then go for PST file recovery tool.