Common Bugs While Working With Microsoft Outlook

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A huge number of Outlook users commonly get affected by corruption issues of the Outlook PST file. It has been found that there is a no specific reason of corruptions in PST file while using Microsoft Outlook. It can be occurred due to virus infected emails, registry error, SMTP & POP3 inputs, malfunction of scanning programs and sometimes corruption of the customized file (Outlook) which is also known as Outlook supported files (e.g. profilename.xml).

Today, we are going to elaborate some different or modest bugs of Microsoft Outlook which seems approachable in nature, but can mess up various working of Outlook.

Still Not Getting Solution – Try Below Solution

There are two ways to fix corruption in data file of Microsoft Outlook either you can use an inbuilt utility Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft or third party utility. Indeed, both have their own functionality, mechanism to fix issue in Outlook data file and also limitation over features. On the one hand, Microsoft's free utility basically works at the time of low level corruption and fix errors, but still does not count as a perfect solution to retrive lost data. While, Outlook Recovery Software can deal with permanently deleted items.