How to Fix Outlook Error 0x80070057?

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Outlook Error 0x80070057 is an exclusive error in Microsoft Outlook, which can occur while working with differ environment of Outlook versions (2010 & 2013) in a different manner. And that's why identification of both scenarios is important for an Outlook user.

Let's put highlight on how MS Outlook prompts error message 0x80070057 differently in case of Outlook 2010 & 2013:

Outlook Error 0x80070057

Why in Outlook 2010 and How I Can Fix it?

In Outlook 2010, Outlook Error 0x80070057 manifest during synchronization of MS Outlook with Exchange server. This error depends on the Exchange Version and it has been stated by Outlook KB article that having a mailbox on Exchange Server 2003 are most common reason for this. Another cause - Auto-Account Setup method which is generally used to create a new profile in Microsoft Outlook.

Solution To Overcome Outlook Error 0x80070057

An Outlook user can also encounter Outlook Error 0x80070057 during usage of 2013. However, environment factor is still similar at some extent –connectivity of Outlook Program with an Exchange Server. Microsoft Outlook 2013 does not have any authority to download .oab (Offline Address Book) from the Exchange Server Public Folder and in its opposite MS Exchange Server only allows users to download Offline Address Book via using Public Folder Distribution only. This incoordination between settings of Outlook 2013 and Exchange server produce error code 0x80070057. In order to get a generic solution for this error, An Exchange operator (administrator ) have to enable the downloading of .oab file for Outlook users by providing authentication over web-based application.